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March 29, 2019

How to get the attention of a journalist?

How to get the attention of a journalist?

How to get the attention of a journalist

O establishing a relationship and attracting the attention of a journalist is one of the main assets of any communication professional. However, and since journalists have less and less time, this has been a difficult mission. In today's article, we present some solutions on how to get the attention of a journalist:

  • Research work - Before making any contact, it is important to do a little research work and understand what topics the journalist you are contacting usually addresses. The success of a given proposal largely depends on choosing the right journalist.
  • A good first impression - The first impression we have of anyone is decisive. Journalists are no exception. Thus, in the first email we send to a journalist, we must take care to introduce ourselves and be clear in the approach we take. Clarity and objectivity are concepts to keep in mind
  • Listening to feedback - When you get a response to an editorial proposal that you have made, be susceptible to a possible suggestion that the journalist himself can make. If you show that you are available to adapt to the needs of the journalist, you will increase the chances of success of your proposal. The balance between getting the message you want and meeting the journalist's goal is difficult to achieve, but not impossible.
  • Keep in touch - Contact with journalists does not always have to be about work. One of the ways to make a difference and create a relationship with a journalist is, for example, sending a message through facebook or linkedin to praise a specific article. You should not do this constantly, but, in the right measure and in the right way, this can be an extremely useful strategy.
  • One step forward - Journalists receive hundreds of proposals daily. Thus, the creation of a relationship with them is essential. Add journalists to social networks and sharing your work is another way to create a closer relationship. However, care must be taken not to overcome certain barriers.

These are just a few strategies that can help you establish a relationship with the media. However, it is extremely important to adapt the approaches depending on the journalist concerned. If you apply these suggestions without any criteria, they will hardly work.


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