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March 29, 2019

Crossability: the toughest workout ever

Crossability: the toughest workout ever


Associação Salvador developed a campaign to raise awareness of the difficulties that people with disabilities may have in accessing public spaces. The concept of Campanha is based on the creation of a new sport, described as “the toughest workout ever”, Crossability. It is a sport based on the obstacles that people with motor disabilities face daily when trying to access public spaces.

To publicize the campaign, 12 crossfit athletes were invited to the training. Each exercise represents a common difficulty for those traveling in a wheelchair, namely climbing stairs or getting into the car through the trunk.

The main objective of the campaign was to raise the awareness of the Portuguese population on the topic and encourage them to download the mobile application + Access. The application allows the identification of places that do not comply with accessibility rules for public spaces.

Subsequent to the launch of the campaign, a documentary about the creation process of the new sport was developed. Work by the production company Garage, it was the only Portuguese work awarded silver in the Entertainment category, at the Eurobest Festival of Creativity.


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