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March 29, 2019

Farfetch effect

Farfetch effect

Farfetch effect

A Farfetch, considered one of the 25 most innovative companies in the world by Fast Company (https://www.fastcompany.com/company/farfetch), has an enviable business model, and is known for the excellent working conditions it offers its employees.

To prevent this model from being seen as misleading advertising, Farfetch turned to science to prove it. In partnership with the AKQA agency, led by Hugo Vieira, he created a communication campaign, with his own team as a star. Touch the Impossible is a campaign that gathers testimonies not only from Farfetch employees but also from friends. Throughout the interviews, all the stimuli associated with people were identified and analyzed when they talked about the company or about the company, which allowed them to create what they called the “Farfetch Effect”.

Subsequently, the communication team recreated situations that aroused feelings similar to those of the participants in the interviews. “Being attacked by small dogs, jumping on trampolines or falling into a giant bed”, are some examples of stimuli similar to the feeling of working at Farfetch.

The campaign had results great, going viral at the same time that the company was recruiting.


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