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March 29, 2019

The Secret to Getting Results 

Press office with results: what's the secret?

The Secret to Getting Results

The main objective of any PR professional is to get journalists to publish their stories and, thus, obtain quality results for the brands or client organizations. One of the critical success factors is the right choice of the media/journalists to whom to address a specific proposal for eventual editorial treatment.

  1. The first step, as simple as it may seem, ends up being the realization of a research work. The selection of the medium and, at a later stage, of the respective editor is as important, if not more, as what we are going to propose. We must demonstrate knowledge about the specific subjects that a particular journalist works on. If this step is not followed, this process is very unlikely to be successfully completed.
  2. Next, as far as the proposal itself is concerned, the shorter the better. Journalists receive hundreds of emails a day. TWe want to be able to capture your attention in a few seconds. At a later stage, and if there is interest, the journalist himself will end up requesting additional information.
  3. Personalization is another aspect to take into account, as bulk shipping is unlikely to be successful. It is a good way to cultivate a good relationship with the media.

The secret to getting results is in the tresearch work prior to the actual disclosure of the information. The difference between online and offline media, or attention to editorial calendars, namely closing days for the edition, are aspects that must be considered when carrying out this type of pitches


In short, a good result in efforts to Media Relation it is obtained with knowledge of the national media landscape, journalists' routines and calendars associated with the development of editorial work, with particular attention to periodicity and closing times and dates.


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