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May 31

5 Steps to Create Viral Content

5 Steps to Create Viral Content

Whatever our goal in creating content, the main goal that any company has is to attract attention to our services or products. We leave you 5 steps to create viral content that gives a boost to your social networks.

Create engaging content

Any marketing or communications professional knows that public attention, online, is not that good. But this characteristic of the public is generally misunderstood by these professionals. When we address this point, we should not think that it is just about writing short content, that people can read quickly. Readers prefer longer content but offer relevant insights, worth the time they spent reading a post. So, instead of writing a short and irrelevant post, we should choose a post that is longer but that adds information that readers want to read.

Use good images

When we are developing content, with the aim of making it viral, we must make it look good when shared. This does not mean that we should suffocate our post with images. It just means that we should divide the content with images, to improve the readability of the readers. Images must always be relevant, taking into account the context.

Create smart content

Generally, people want to share content that makes them look smart in the eyes of others. So, to have content that people want to share, we can include statistics and facts, address risky topics (that people avoid talking about) or even use humor and sarcasm (we must be very careful and use humor very intelligently).

Convey positivism

Being positive almost always wins the battle for viral content. Whatever the topic, we should always try to find a positive angle, in order to generate positive actions from those who are reading the content.

Make content useful

We create content because we want to promote our brands, but why should someone want to read and share that content? What is the readers' motive? We must give them these reasons right from the title. Whether to learn to do something new, to inspire change or to discover a new product, the content we create must have a purpose for readers.


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