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May 31

The influencers

The influencers

The influencers

According to a report released by Business Insider by 2020, spending on influence marketing is expected to reach 5-10 billion globally by 2020. Influencers' fashion does not seem to be slowing down, so it is no surprise that more and more industries are turning to social media , using influence marketing as part of sales strategies.

But there are precautions to be taken when we choose to choose an influencer to advertise our products. First of all, we must try to understand what type of audience each influencer is targeting and if this is the most suitable for our strategy. We must also try to understand how these influencers communicate with the public, what the tone of communication is, the type of content produced, if the personality fits what we want to convey.

It is very important to establish the level of sponsorships and partnerships well. We must make sure that we are on the same page as the influencers with regard to the dissemination of sponsorships and the content that they will produce. Outlining whether the person will have greater flexibility in creating the content or whether they will have to follow a strict guide for the dissemination of products is a point that should be very well discussed with influencers. It is also very useful to have a flexible budget for each influencer, taking into account that there is no regulation in the market for these services.

O influence marketing it is a dynamic and creative area, which has incredible potential. When done well, it will be beneficial to both the business and the influencer. If you can find the influencer who personally aligns with your brand and believes in the values ​​you stand for, you will have gone halfway to a successful partnership.

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