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May 31

How to use Twitter for marketing?



Although Twitter only has a percentage of 22% of users in Portugal, it is a platform that, if well used, can bring a lot of benefits to your business.

Os users present on Twitter are quite loyal to this social network for several reasons. It is a network where the central purpose is conversation, with simple mechanisms (such as search by # or keyword) that allow you to find experts and onlookers with the same interests. In addition, it has proved to be a very useful tool in terms of networking.

People look for information and above all ways to find good content. It is a platform that was created to enhance conversations and this makes it an excellent tool for relating to the public and building an online presence.

So, why not invest our marketing efforts on this platform? We give you some tips of how to take advantage of Twitter to do marketing.

Invest in visual formats

Photographs, videos and Gifs are what attracts people the most on any social network. In addition to being a format with a greater impact and with higher levels of engagement, we gained space to say what we were unable to say in 280 characters.

Frequent Posts

The Twitter feed advances at the speed of light. And although this is what makes the platform dynamic and relevant, this is also what becomes a challenge. We are facing a concept of microblogging, where we have to make short posts on topics that are interesting for audiences. Posting frequently and constantly is essential to achieving results on Twitter.

Go straight to the point

On Twitter we must always be as direct as possible, not least because there is no room for the opposite. To deserve the public's attention on this social network we have to develop relevant content. If our goal is to direct users to a page on our website, then we must say exactly what it will find there.

Reply to tweets and mentions

In this network, brands have the possibility to talk to people, on an equal footing, being able to use a proximity tone. Thus, it is important that we are attentive to those who speak to us and to those who mention us. We must always try to respond to everyone, in order to create a connection with our audience.


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