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Jun 26, 2019

What has changed in Product Placement in the last 10 years?

Product Placement

Product Placement

Many brands have been focusing their communication on the product as the protagonist of their digital content. But creativity makes the difference.

The term product placement it started to be recognized in the mid-1980s but this communication technique was already used even before the birth of cinema.   

While previously products and brands were advertised in explicit ways in renowned films and series, nowadays this is done in an increasingly subtle way.

There are examples that we all know, such as in the film Superman with the brands Marlboro and Coca-cola. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkfUUqowQjA)

In 1982, in the ET film, Coca-cola also appears in great prominence along with other brands. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfAzUAxWELU)

One of the most successful examples was part of Barak Obama's 2008 US presidential campaign with Xbox 360's Burnout Paradise.

The results were astronomical and led to levels of engagement many positives with the intended target such as a mass vote of young people in the presidential elections.

As a more recent example we have Hyundai that until 2017 maintained a partnership with Netflix for shows like Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, among others.

This shows how brands can and should be present in the consumer's daily life and adapt to that reality, in this case reducing the frequency with which they appear in films and investing more in the series, for example, with strategic partnerships.

Thanks to this adaptation and a constant study of the market and trends, social networks started to be used as essential tools of communication with consumers and the positioning of the product started to be present in the day-to-day of the user.

Brands have been evolving and being increasingly creative in the execution of product placement and in the production of sponsored content that goes largely unnoticed.

American Express as a good example of creativity

A American Express ( https://www.instagram.com/americanexpress/?hl=pt) is a brand that places its product as a common denominator in the construction of feed de Instagram and publishes inspiring everyday moments and images shared by users, with the card as the protagonist.

Always with the various brand cards contextualized in the created scenarios, this is a strategy that allows to communicate the product in a relevant way, in a channel that lives of image and moments.

As we know, video and image are increasingly valued in the digital universe, since as users we have little time to read extensive content and intuitively yearn for diversity and easy reading.

Being present in the user's day-to-day life can be a useful and successful strategy, providing moments of inspiration and even curiosity with content that escapes traditional advertising.

As consumers of digital content we are truly bombarded with advertising on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and other platforms. But this new way of advertising the product with a focus on experience with a less commercial approach is an asset that clearly has been gaining followers.


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