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Jun 28, 2019

agap2IT launches new editions of the Ambassadors, Summer Internships and Academies Plan

Ambassadors Plan

Ambassadors Plan

In summer 2019, agap2IT develops new training programs, integrated in the Academy and carried out by its Innovation area. Aimed at undergraduate students, the Ambassadors Plan, Summer Internships and Academies, enable the learning of practices in an organizational context and the development of projects in areas of technological vanguard.

Agap2IT develops new editions of Ambassadors Plan, Summer internships e Academies in 2019. These talent activation programs involve specific training and integrate participants in an innovation context of the information technology consultant.

O Ambassadors Plan begins with an internship of at least one month, starting in July. After training, the ambassador remains for one year representing agap2IT at his college, still having the possibility to participate in internal events, benefit from a multitude of training actions and receive personalized monitoring by the consultant's Human Resources department. In the 2018 edition, the Ambassadors developed a proof of concept on the use of Blockchain for the registration of occurrences in municipalities. The 2019 participants' challenge will involve one of the following technologies: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Code Generation or Advanced Analytics.

Under the Summer internship, participants will have the possibility to participate in business software development practices, integrate innovation projects in a cutting edge area chosen by the intern and an advisor in the company. These are practical training courses that comprise a week of theoretical improvement, with the remaining time allocated to the development of Innovation projects in mature technological areas.

New agap2IT will also be developed in the summer Academies, which benefit participants with three months of practical training and a week of theory. Formations with other dynamics will also be carried out: Mini Academies, with a duration of one and a half months of practical training and a week of theoretical training, aimed at a wide range of professionals; End-of-course Curricular InternshipsInternational Internships, both lasting three months.

As Ricardo Schiller Pinto, responsible for the Academy and R&D Director agap2IT, explains, “We are permanently in contact with academic institutions and young professionals, in order to identify, in the context of consultancy, how we can develop skills and enhance the sharing of knowledge and innovation. The training programs, carried out within the scope of the Academy, aim to make this approach, within the scope of R&D projects, with the guidance of agap2IT mentors and with the potential to develop innovative solutions."


On agap2it:
Founded in September 2005, agap2 is a European organization in the area of ​​Information Systems, Science and Technology and a reference in the world of Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications, Industry, Pharmaceuticals and Energy, among others. Committed to innovation, agap2 is geared towards creating real value for its Clients and Consultants. It currently has offices in 10 countries - Portugal, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg and Sweden - and projects spread across 4 continents. The ability to intervene globally combined with high experience and know-how technical, functional and business team, guarantee the excellence of the answer to the most demanding and complex challenges.

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