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Aug 7, 2019

The internet is “saturated”: what is the forecast for a successful digital future?

Digital Future

Digital Future

One of the most surprising conclusions of the digital trends report for 2019 signed by Mary meeker reveals that the Internet is "saturated". But why?

Currently, we know that around 51% of the global population (3, 8 billion people) is present in the online universe, which means that the community is growing and that messages can reach an almost incalculable reach. But, interestingly, the pace of internet penetration has been dropping since it used to be around 7% per year, and now it is at 6%.

Even so, the future is promising when it comes to an increasing digital audience, but the information market communication and marketing has encountered substantial barriers to reach and engagement with its audiences.

It is increasingly difficult to attract consumers to the content and much of the communication is done thanks to the “noise” and the amount of information that is available every day and at all times.

Is digital being devalued?

With all this know-how on the digital and with the ever faster development of artificial intelligence, users seem to start looking to disconnect from this “digital world” for offline moments. This trend can be confirmed through the negative growth of the technological sector (-4% of sales in 2019 compared to 2018).

O digital it is the future and the scope is promising. But the challenges allocated to this reality seem to be testing brands that are increasingly fighting for an audience that is “bombarded” with information, which forces brands to be more creative to make themselves heard.


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