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Aug 7, 2019

Consumer marketing and the consumer of the future

Consumer Marketing

Consumer Marketing

The houses are more technological and families try to make the most of their time by using devices that use Artificial Intelligence. Although it seems like a lot, a middle class family currently has about six devices connected to the Internet at home.

The widespread reality of families in modern societies tends to be increasingly digitized and tending to simplify processes that were once quite bureaucratic.

The challenges of integrated and multichannel marketing

How can companies make sure that their messages are being conveyed? Or how can they know if they are using the most appropriate channel for their target who want to achieve?

The truth is that companies that intend to keep their business aspects adapted to the reality of the current market need to invest in multichannel marketing. The bet on singular channels is not feasible when the generation of the future is present in practically all media and seeks the most complete answer.

The evolution of marketing multichannel: or omnichannel

While the multichannel marketing methodology develops proposals that allow the dissemination of a product or service on several different channels and seeks to produce content adapted to each of them, the concept omnichannel is on the table and promises to revolutionize the market.

This variant aims to develop a systematic methodology that can create a unique communication system. Instead of complex procedures for developing unique marketing channels, as currently happens with brands that adopt the methodology of multichannel marketing, omnichannel proposes the use of online resources, social media and integrated mobile applications and greater involvement with the user.

The example of Starbucks

The Starbucks brand uses the methodology omnichannel in your customer loyalty program that link your personal profiles and other accounts to your Starbucks customer account. Users now have the possibility to charge their consumer card at smartphone or computer, through the mobile application or directly at the brand's point of sale.

The algorithms of the Starbucks allow, when a customer places an order through the Whatsapp, the travel time to the nearest store is calculated so that the product is ready at the time of your arrival. Choosing the soundtrack for the store where they are located is another possibility that the brand offers to users of its communication channels.

This is a simple example of how Consumer Marketing is able to provide a positive customer experience.

There will always be a disadvantage as long as digital marketing strategies are not integrated and multichannel, or in this case, in the near future: omnichannel.

To highlight products or services and to be able to survive in this competitive universe it is necessary to strive for attention and for the first place in the user's mind. Being present on just one digital channel can be a step towards failure.


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