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Aug 7, 2019

User Experience: the future of targeted communication

User experience

User experience

The term UX (User Experience) originated in the early 90s and was developed by Don Norman - an electrical engineer - and vice president of Apple's research group. And it remains current.

The UX methodology was developed with the main objective of thinking about the importance of improving all aspects of the interaction of the user (human) with any type of system, product or service.

This methodology is responsible for providing positive and engaging experiences capable of retaining and attracting new users, and UX designers study human behavior and the service offered to find ways to improve the experience and satisfaction provided to digital consumers of a given channel.

The essential objectives of the UX methodology

A user Experience seeks to respond positively to the notion of utility, which works with the speed and ease made available to the user during navigation. The main objective is to retain and transmit a good experience so that the user does not feel the need to look for another alternative. THE user Experience still seeks to respond to the level of interest and attraction that the brand is able to awaken in the user (creating interesting, fun or rewarding visual content, etc.).

In simple lines, the user Experience intends to provide the user with the best experience so that there is no need to resort to alternatives (or competition).

An always up-to-date concept: providing the best experience

The desire to offer good services and provide a relevant and rewarding experience to both interested parties (brands and consumers) is old and will always be at the heart of a good product or service. But with the change in the business segment, digitalization and increasingly demanding consumers, new tools appear every day that support the execution of a good experience.

To be able to understand what the real needs of digital consumers are, UX professionals use support fermenters to get to know in depth the most appropriate preferences and trends. For example, through interviews with real customers of a certain product or service, interviews with the teams of the companies that develop it, benchmarking existing and similar services (competition).

Meet Don Norman, co-founder of the Nielsen Norman Group, who tells us a little about UX in this brief video.



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