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Oct 31, 2019

What will the future of Public Relations be like?

Artificial Intelligence in PR

Artificial Intelligence

The influence of tech in our lives it increases exponentially and is increasingly a factor of change across all activities and sectors.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of these technologies, increasingly able to simulate the human ability to reason and perform common tasks and is present in the daily lives of many people and organizations. Communication and Public relations are no exception, and more than 80% of communications professionals globally believe that technological innovations are one of the main drivers of change in this industry

But only about half say they are using the latest technology in their communication. For a simple reason: without a human hand, communication loses effectiveness.

Take, for example, social media management platforms, one of the examples of the advances brought by AI, which also helps in predicting and better recognizing potential crises. But the personal touch is still vital to shaping the response to a crisis and the storytelling needs human hand. You chatbots they cannot convey emotion.

AI has the potential to make communication more effective, facilitate monotonous and linear work, it can be an opportunity for progression and reduction of time and resources in daily work, allowing to apply resources in what customers want: creative ideas and strategy.

The challenge as communication professionals is to digitize the expected and the routine to gain efficiency, while continuing to humanize what is exceptional, which is more creative in the work of communication: generating an emotional reaction that motivates a change in behavior.

We are prepared for the potential, opportunities and progress brought by Artificial Intelligence in PR without neglecting emotion and creativity. Challenge us to walk the path of balance between the use of AI and the exceptionality of people together.


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