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December 4, 2019

The best Christmas campaigns for Experiential Marketing

Christmas Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Christmas Campaigns

O experiential marketing it engages the public and allows them to be part of the campaigns and the brand itself. The brands that engage with their consumers and tell them a story are the ones that are present in their mind.

The campaigns are, as a rule, carried out in very busy and unexpected places. Have you ever thought about a campaign at an airport? 

In today's article we present you two Christmas experiential marketing campaigns at airports that have been successful around the world:

WestJet Christmas Miracle 

We all think that airports are boring places, especially at festive times like Christmas, with endless hours of waiting and a lot of lost luggage ...

To counteract this stereotype, the Canadian airline WestJet created a campaign in which its employees became Santa's helpers, gathering and wrapping personalized gifts for their passengers. When opening the luggage they found a small “Christmas miracle”.

Richard Bartem, WestJet's VP of communications and community relations (VP ​​of communications and community relations) explains the why this campaign:

Christmas Surprise at Copenhagen Airport 

Have you ever imagined what an airport managed by Santa Claus would be like? Copenhagen Airport surprised passengers by creating its own “Christmas miracle” with lights, snow and some presents at the baggage reclaim carousel. 

KLM you serve Bonding Christmas Buffet

Airports are very busy places. But it is very common to see people alone. 

To circumvent this habit, the Dutch airline KLM found an unusual way to unite passengers around a Christmas buffet.

These are some examples of successful experiential marketing campaigns that have provided an incredible and very “out of the box” experience to their passengers.

Merry Christmas!


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