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December 4, 2019

How to implement an Experiential Marketing campaign?

How to implement an Experiential Marketing campaign?

Implement Experiential Marketing

O experiential marketing is a cluster of actions whose objective is to bring experiences to customers by stimulating the senses and causing innovative and differentiated sensations to customers. stakeholders, connecting you to the products or services offered.

How to implement an Experiential Marketing campaign?

For an experiential marketing campaign to be successful, it needs to be sustained by some pillars:

Knowing and understanding the stakeholders. It is essential to know the target audience, who they are, what they like and what they expect. Know exactly who the audience is and what it also has to offer the brand.

Define the location or channel of dissemination. Choosing the ideal location or channel of communication is as important or more important than identifying the target audience of the campaign. It is essential to know where our audience spends most of their time and think about whether the campaign should be carried out in one place or in several. The location must be aligned with the profile of the brand's consumers.

Clearly define the brand identity. After selecting the target audience and the ideal location for the campaign, it is necessary to define the message to be conveyed and its alignment with the brand identity. 

Define the range measurement methods. The development of an experiential marketing campaign involves a lot of work. To ensure that it is effective, it is important to define objectives and goals that allow measuring results as a way to understand the scope of the same and what can be done better in the next campaign.

Expand the reach. Online promotion is the main form of advertising an experiential marketing campaign, either through publications on various social networks or through the creation of promotional events. Online engagement with the public can make all the difference in publicizing and reaching the campaign. Word-of-mouth is also an important dissemination tool, since people like to share experiences.



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