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Apr 2, 2020

Repositioning of Antiquarian with Model GO360

Say U Consulting uses the GO360 model in the repositioning of J. Baptista, a sexagenarian brand of reference in the marketing and evaluation of antique jewelry and silverware. The applied strategy aims to disseminate and share the traditional and differentiating character of the antique dealer through an online presence and digital contact with their customers. stakeholders.

Model GO360 in repositioning J. Baptista

The strategy developed and implemented (model GO360) by the Communication Marketing consultant Say U Consulting for the antique dealer J. Baptista is based on the digital transformation of a traditional business and the construction of the future path for the one that is the center par excellence of buying and selling jewelery and antique silverware, visible in the recently launched www.josebaptista.com.

The brand's DNA was worked on and the way it presents itself to its customers stakeholders, as it grabs them and fidelizes them to take them to the recommendation to others. The result is a new platform and tools for communicating with stakeholders, implemented in a new portal - now the showcase of the collection of the reference brand in the marketing and evaluation of antique jewels and silverware - and a whole strategy of content marketing.

The repositioning was implemented following the model GO360, an integrated solution that is intended to be applied to the design of “Think big, act small” communication marketing strategies and to the construction of niche campaigns, with a perfect match between creativity, dimension, stage of development and available resources .

As Marta Gonçalves, Managing Partner at Say U Consulting explains, “The work developed for Casa J. Batista is based on the imperative of adapting family and traditional businesses to new forms and habits of consumption, to the necessary digital development and to changes in the world economic paradigm".

“With a History that spans three generations, the challenge that Casa J. Baptista launched us comes from verifying the importance of Communication in building a renewed visibility for this reference brand. We start from a need to make your activity closer and more widely recognized, towards a strategy and an action plan that would allow this sexagenarian brand to build the future for the next generations", reinforces.

For José Baptista, Manager of J. Baptista,“The history of the J. Baptista brand is based on guaranteeing a differentiated link with those looking for it. Our pieces and the knowledge around them are the face of the house that my father created and the relationship that we want to continue to build with customers, made possible by a careful selection that gives priority to quality. In this sense, it became crucial to develop a platform in which these pieces and our know-how experience could be shared with the public and become a competitive advantage in a sector stuck in the past. With the tools developed in partnership with Say U Consulting, we will be on the way, my children and me, to continue the legacy started by my father, more than sixty years ago ”.


About J. Baptista:

A J. Baptist is a space dedicated to Jóias e silverware primarily Portuguese, but also of international jewelers, whose history begins three generations ago, standing out as an important center for buying and selling jewels and silverware in the national and international market.


Model GO360 | Factsheet

O model GO360 is an integrated solution that makes use of the different aspects of our operations - CreativityEventsPR e Digital, which is intended to be applied to the design of communication marketing strategies “Think big, act small” and to the construction of niche campaigns, with a perfect “match” between creativity, dimension, stage of development and available resources.

The methodology aims to examine the relevance and identity of the company or brand. The way she presents herself to others, how she tells her story and how she engages the various audiences in it.

Companies and brands have a DNA, their own identity. And, we need to work on that identity as we want to present it and that attracts its stakeholders. Let them hold on to your web, loyalty them to take them to the recommendation of others.

It is not enough to have a good idea, an open store, or a good website to attract business. Much more is needed. It is necessary to define a strategy and seize opportunities. Communication succeeds in doing this.

Refer to the factsheet do model GO360 talk to us.


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