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May 5

Refocus in a year of events without people



Most organizations invest almost a quarter of their budgets for marketing at events live. In this regard Covid-19 is going to have a prolonged impact and we have to try to figure out what to do with the rest of the year without events with people. There is an opportunity here to refocus, experience and innovate in B2B events.

Branding and business objectives have to find a new path. And there are several options. Before deciding how to replace events with people, it is important, first of all, to clarify what you want to achieve. What are the main objectives? Keeping the main objectives in mind, it is much easier to assess how to create similar results from different strategies.

Consider the following aspects when refocusing resources and budget.

Virtual events and webinars. It has been one of the most obvious options, especially for sectors whose target audience is most likely to be working from home. Following this path, it is necessary to customize the strategy of virtual events to attract the right audience.

Bet on Digital Marketing. Now is the time to focus on Digital Marketing. You have to be quick to gain a competitive advantage. Focus your efforts and budget on pay-per-click, social media campaigns, retargeting and digital advertising.

Bet on a site upgrade. Digital commerce experiences have grown in all sectors of B2B. A good digital experience is decisive for the decision to buy. There is no better time to improve and optimize the site, including applications that help customers understand their options, configure and compare. Invest the budget of the events in the improvement of the Content Managemet System (CMS) and development of interactive content. With a proactive SEO strategy, you can have people knocking on your virtual door.

Bet on ABM. Adding an Acount-Based Marketing (ABM) approach to your search strategy is an excellent idea for those companies that analyze the list of participants in events to try to attract key people to personal meetings. Use the same data-based approach for an ABM strategy.

Shake the waters with direct mail or email marketing. Although they are not immediate options, they are good tools to have in the arsenal. Evaluate case by case if it works for you. Use the information with care so that it is only one shot.

Even if there is a big event in the summer or at the end of the year, it will not be enough to generate the leads and the awarness that was being counted in the first and second semester. If your investment is tied to event organizers, there is an opportunity to send sponsored content or a free webinar to registered participants. Event organizers may be looking to stay relevant to participants and keep them engaged. So it can be good for both.


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