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May 7

Nielsen Covid-19 Barometer: After Easter, Portuguese people return to “normal” quarantine

Normal quarantine

  • Decrease of 1% in BGC compared to the same period last year, which included Easter
  • Differentiated trends among countries close to Portugal
  • Maximum growth in purchase occasions and number of homes in the online channel
  • Dynamism in Products for Pets and Personal and Household Hygiene
  • Proximity channels keep their weight higher than the pre-Covid-19 period

 To the seventh edition of the Nielsen weekly Barometer on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic - week 16, from April 13 to 19, 2020 - quarantined after Easter, with the beginning of the third period of the state of emergency.

Sales of FMCG recorded 171 million euros this week, a decrease of 1% compared to the same period last year, influenced by the comparison with the Easter week of 2019, later. Sales figures decreased by 7% compared to the previous week, a trend that is repeated, since in 2019 there was also a similar evolution after this festive date.


The trend seen in Portugal is not in absolute line with the reality seen in other nearby countries. If in Italy there is a sharp decrease in consumption this week (-16%), in Spain the scenario is the opposite, with an increase of 24%.

The highlight this week 16 also falls on Online, which reaches its maximum growth: 289% in the number of online purchases and 244% in the average number of households to buy online.

Pet care and Personal and Home Hygiene boost consumption

In this period, the growth of Animal Products (food and accessories for dogs and cats) and Personal and Home Hygiene stands out, with increases of 18% and 14%, respectively.

Conversely, “there is a negative trend between Food Products (-3%) and Beverages (-13%). This is fully justified by the fact that we are comparing this week with the Easter week of 2019, in which these categories naturally reached higher values. This effect is expressed even more clearly in the Confectionery and Confectionery category, with a drop of 51% ”, explains Marta Teotónio Pereira, Client Consultant Senior at Nielsen.

Normal quarantine

“After a period in which the Portuguese sought to maintain the normality of their lives and consumption in a special time such as Easter, they now return to a conditioned normality, to which they are already accustomed: the normality of quarantine. After Easter, the typical categories of quarantined life again stand out in the context of Food, namely Hot Drinks, Canned Food, Frozen Products and Basic Products ”, explains Marta Teotónio Pereira.


The moment is a break for Frescos, whose sales fall 18% (when compared to the same week, which included Easter 2019). Fruits and Vegetables counter this trend, growing 10%, since meals continue to be cooked at home, contributing to the strong growth of Vegetables, and the growth of fruits rich in Vitamin C proves that the concern with health remains .


Promotion maintains positive evolution

In Promotions, the positive trend remains in relation to week 15, but if in the previous week this promotional effect was due to the importance of the Brochure, the Temporary Price Reduction is now taking shape.


Proximity maintains relevance for the consumer

The Proximity factor maintains a weight above that seen in the pre-Covid-19 period, with an importance of 14,1% in week 16, when in the pre-COVID period it was 12,5%.

However, in this week in which the state of emergency is renewed and in which consumers continue their lives in quarantine, it is the Hipers who regain weight: they represent 27,3% of the total channels analyzed in week 16, against 26,5, XNUMX% in the previous week.


About Nielsen:

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