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Aug 5, 2020


HiJiffy | Solution Hotel Estoril Eden

The Hotel Estoril Eden started to use a digital solution for the management of the relationship with guests, ensuring new processes of distance and security. The HiJiffy solution makes use of Artificial Intelligence to enable a faster, more efficient and personalized service.


After reopening last July 15, a stop motivated by the need for reorganization in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Estoril Eden Hotel implemented HiJiffy's Artificial Intelligence solution, migrating the entire relationship with the guest to digital and allowing processes such as check-in, communication with reception and check-out to be carried out via mobile phone. This bet appears integrated in a series of hygiene and protection measures for guests and employees, aimed at guaranteeing safety and social distance and which ensured the hotel unit the certification Clean & Safe.

The use of this technological solution becomes a differentiating factor in the service provided, offering the guest a faster, more efficient and personalized service, through communication channels such as WhatsApp and SMS.

As explained by Albano Silva, Director of Hotel Estoril Eden, “We believe that direct messages represent the present and the future of customer service. HiJiffy's communication platform is fully complemented by our current communication systems allowing us, from now on, to have a fully unified messaging platform with all our communication channels, in which our guests will be able to ask questions and requests through your favorite communication channels, as well as avoiding queues at the reception upon arrival and departure. This tool will allow us to be available on all platforms, in order to offer a real-time and fully personalized follow-up to our guests ”.

In view of the “new normal” seen in the hotel sector, new challenges are observed, with investment in this technology having two distinct focuses to respond to them.

At the time of booking, a virtual assistant guarantees a 24/7 guest service, with the ability to answer all your questions, namely in relation to the safety and hygiene protocols and opening hours of certain services and to show availability and prices. During the stay, it allows you to check-in and check-out directly on the guest's mobile phone and provides a Concierge services virtual with the capacity to respond instantly to any doubt or question, namely the booking of services or the reservation of a table. All of this ensuring personalized service to guests, as was customary in the period before the pandemic.

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