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Aug 14, 2020

Business-to-Business - Beyond Business Communication



SayU Consulting is developing, in partnership with AICEP - Portugal Global, EPE and the School of Social Communication, from the Lisbon Polytechnic Institute (ESCS-IP), the Business-to-Business - Beyond Business Communication (B2B - BBC), a project that aims to understand, what is the role of communication in the way national B2B exporting companies build and manage relationships with their stakeholders, after the SARS-CoV2 pandemic.

In addition, the objective of this partnership is to draw up an action plan for training companies in the area of ​​strategic communication, making them more competitive.

The results of this project will be shared exclusively with the study participants through the InterComm Report B2B - Communication Trends in Global Businesses. They will also have access to a COMM B2B Manual and practical training in this matter.

To participate, just fill out the questionnaire on this link.

Responses are confidential, and the rules of the privacy policy of the project promoters apply.


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