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Aug 25, 2020

SayU at the launch of 'Multilateral Network PT'

Launch of Multilateral Network PTLaunch of Multilateral Network PT

A SayU developed the visual identity and launch strategy for Multilateral Network PT, the new network managed by Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade of Portugal (aicep Portugal Global) and the Planning, Strategy, Evaluation and International Relations Office (GPEARI) of the Ministry of Finance.

The platform aims to be a close and dynamic space for sharing and networking for Portuguese companies and entities with an interest in international multilateral organizations and Portuguese professionals to perform functions in them.

The project integrated the positioning of the network, in a context of increased challenges and the search for information on processes and opportunities for companies and organizations with an international dimension.

The result is a new platform and communication strategy with stakeholders accomplished online a channel of interaction and dissemination of information - supported by a strategy of content marketing - oriented to the development of a competitive business environment that contributes to the globalization of the Portuguese economy.

This Multilateral Network PT launch strategy was implemented following the “GO360º” model, an integrated solution created by Say U to be applied to the design of “Think big, act small” communication marketing strategies and to the construction of niche campaigns, with a perfect match between creativity, dimension, stage of development and available resources.


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