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Oct 14, 2020

NEWMEDIA E-BOOK: “New challenges in Digital”




What is the purpose of Social Media?

The goal of social networks (NewMedia) is, first, to create a brand in a digital context and increase its visibility. The more a brand is present on social networks and the more times the public sees it, the more likely they are to recognize it and its offer. There are many other goals, however, that organizations can achieve through the use of social media.

An important benefit of this type of platforms is that it can be used to create relationships with potential customers, emerging as a way of interacting with people and companies. It allows providing information about a specific brand, associating a message, communication tone and face to it and making its valences, differentiation and competitive advantages known.

Being present and visible makes it possible to show what we are doing, demonstrate knowledge of the sector's reality and interact with stakeholders diversified. Such a strategy is not only fundamental for conducting business, but also for retaining customers, providing feedback on doubts and criticisms and boosting commercial campaigns.

The advantages of a personal online brand

By creating a strong personal brand it becomes easier to find online and to be recognized, which will also result in additional recognition for your organization.

A personal brand enhances recognition as an expert in your field. The information you share on social media contributes to your global credibility.

A strong personal brand created from social media can help create opportunities to present your input to others as opinion leader.

Once the Internet makes it possible to find anyone, it creates the conditions to develop partnerships that would not have been possible or practical before.

The value for your organization and your value as a brand increases when you have a strong personal brand that is part of your social media strategy. When you strengthen your online presence, your brand becomes attractive and, as a result, your organization's brand is strengthened.

A successful presence

Cultivating a brand implies understanding that your name appears associated with everything you share, like or comment on online, and all your actions and publications can leave lasting marks that can affect your reputation, for better or for worse.

If the success of the organization lies in its people, the reputation is built through the competence of its team. Showing the experience in the activity developed, in the sectors addressed and projects worked on, can help to obtain greater recognition among customers and stakeholders.

Social networks must be used in an ethical, independent and respectful manner, requiring constant attention in relation to the sharing of personal data and information or documents that are internal or associated with clients.

Everything that is published online is a reflection of the professional and his organization. As such, this online stance has to be reflected, trying to avoid disrespecting others or insulting their opinions, paying special attention to private conversations and not making use of these types of platforms to participate in defamation campaigns against the organization, against the competitors, customers or stakeholders.

In the context of an enormous amount of information, this has to be properly analyzed and selected. Before sharing or resending anything, it is necessary to verify that the source is reliable, not sharing any information in case of doubt.

Social networks require continuous management, and superior reporting is advisable if a negative message directed to the organization or its employees is detected and always avoiding conflicts and controversies.

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