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December 3, 2020

Institutional Marketing helps communication effectiveness

Institutional Marketing

Institutional Marketing

An old expression, but with which many managers and heads of organizations agree, states that more than half of an organization's problems are caused by inefficient communication. To make it more efficient, one of the most effective components for the purpose of conveying the best possible image of a company is institutional marketing.

The perception that people have of a company is fundamental to define whether or not they will buy your product and service. It is precisely the generation of this good impression of the organization that institutional marketing aims, which thinks the strategy beyond the customers or prospects, taking into account all stakeholders.

In addition to the good image, Institutional Marketing helps your brand to be in the Top of Mind. This means that when someone thinks about a topic related to your area, your company is the first one you think about.

Easy access to communication has increased competition between companies in the same segment. Competition is global, which means investing in communication actions to stand out from competitors.

Remember that the company's employees are the first and most important consumers and promoters of its products or services and the actions must be focused on communicating the main attributes not only of the products, but also of the mission, vision and values, three fundamental pillars for the success of any organization.

As with any marketing strategy, in Institutional Marketing it is also essential to know with whom you want to communicate. Knowing the audience and adapting the language guarantees more chances of effectiveness. You should not communicate in the same way with a customer or future customer in the same way that you communicate with your employees. Segmenting actions and communications helps to achieve more and better results.

In order for your actions to be more effective, it is possible to work with two different types of Institutional Marketing: endomarketing e employer branding.

The first is the company's internal relationship and communication strategy, in which the target audience is the organization's employees. Endomarketing can be understood as Marketing focused on actions within the company, in which the target audience is employees. It aims to transmit news and open a communication channel with everyone who works at the company. In addition to involving employees, it makes them proud of the company and the first consumers of its products or services.

Already employer branding it concerns a series of actions that aim to make the company recognized as a good employer. In addition to assisting in attracting talent, strategies for employer branding interfere positively in the perception that your end customer has about the organization and brand.

know how, when and where to apply institutional marketing.


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