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December 9, 2020


Jorge corrula

In a video with a lot of humor starring Jorge Corrula, The Markies reveal how they will simplify the identification and separation of clothes at home. The new brand promises a practical and fun solution to bring originality and differentiation to the way we make a piece “ours”.

With a video full of humor starring Jorge Corrula, The Markies present their new concept of identification, separation and personalization of clothing. In a modern house, without employees for all the service and where men are also engaged in domestic tasks, in the face of a chaotic and desperate scenario, a solution is discovered to distinguish the various family clothes.

The Markies markers - https://themarkiesoriginal.com/ - they are an innovative, useful product, but at the same time fun and stylish and arrive on the market to solve the old problem of distinguishing garments. The solution is sold in MBox format, offering a set of applicators and metallic markers with different symbols and colors, which can be used by different people sharing the same space.

The Markies are also an innovative alternative for the holiday season, providing original, unique and customizable offers. During the Christmas month the new brand will also have a pop-up store at the Amoreiras Shopping Center, in Lisbon.

The metal markers, applied to the garments, guarantee the style, individuality and permanence that other solutions to the problem of distinguishing garments and accessories often lack, such as the use of lines of different colors, names with felt pen in the piece label or ironing strips.

At a time of increasing democratization of luxury - which has eliminated the distinction of social strata or purchasing power by clothing and accessories - and where clothing is increasingly undifferentiated between genders and ages, The Markies are a practical and easy-to-apply solution , and that also brings a streak of irreverence to the identification of clothes and accessories.

The choice of the symbol by each member of the family allows not only to distinguish but also to add a personality detail to your clothes and accessories and still be a topic of conversation outside the home. Jorge Corrula shows, with clarity and fun, the two aspects - usefulness and irreverence -, of The Markies markers.

The Markies Original is the launch collection, consisting of a set of symbols that represent hobbies or other passions. The idea is nothing more than to bring the icons used online on social networks to the day-to-day and show all of our hobbies, like the likes and the icons that we put on our profiles and that are assumed as reasons for pride, a topic of conversation, of closeness and belonging. This collection includes three themes: grumpy animals, cool hobbies e sports addicted.

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