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December 10, 2020


FootballISM Platform

FootballISM Platform

Sevilla FC (Spain), Vitória Sport Clube (Portugal), Estoril Praia Futebol SAD (Portugal), Louletano DC (Portugal), FC Ska Brasil (Brazil), Marcet Football Academy (Spain), We Scout (Portugal) and USL League ( USA) implemented the FootballISM platform in their structures in 2020. The transversal character and possibilities of adapting the platform are notorious in the face of the set of clubs, academies and companies of scouting, national and international, that already use it.

Throughout 2020, FootballISM was rolled out to eight new customers participating in the Football Industry at various levels. The technological platform appears as a solution to the new challenges of football, allowing an integrated and digital management of all sports assets and resources.

In a year marked by the suppression of high competition between March and May, FootballISM showed its full potential by making possible the real-time management of athletes' well-being. The technological platform for sports management, developed by agap2IT, guaranteed efficiency gains in the physical evolution of the players and the collective of the clubs.

For Filipe Esteves, General Director of agap2IT and responsible for FootballISM: “The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has had repercussions for all sectors of activity, and Sport is no exception. In a year in which the conditions for sports practice were visible, FootballISM presented itself as a way of ensuring a set of tasks and needs associated with the activity of clubs, gyms and competitions. The significant increase in the number of entities that implemented our platform this year, reveals its relevance in the present and future in top-level sport. ”

The relevance of the solution and the transversal and multidisciplinary character of FootballISM is evident in the group of entities that implemented the platform throughout 2020. Namely, professional football clubs (which use it from young teams to seniors), academies, central organizations and companies in scouting: Sevilla FC (La Liga - Spain); Vitória Sport Clube (Primeira Liga - Portugal); Estoril Praia Futebol SAD (Segunda Liga - Portugal); Louletano DC (Championship of Portugal); Marcet Football Academy - youth football academy, based in Barcelona - Spain; We Scout - Portuguese company that has an innovative program of scouting young players and develops their academic path; FC Ska Brasil - Brazilian academy focused on the development of new talents, with the expertise of the world champion Edmilson Moraes; and USL League - the largest professional football organization in the USA.

FootballISM is implemented in clubs on four continents (Europe, North America, South America and Africa) and is the technological platform chosen by Liga Portugal for the professionalization of its 36 associated clubs.


About the FootballISM platform

FootballISM is the most complete talent management and process information platform for a football club. Developed in partnership with the Alcochete Academy, it allows the maximization of human and material resources, managing in detail the sports, school, social and personal evolution of Football's main asset: the players. It is the only technological platform on the market capable of analyzing in a detailed and transversal way: “scouting”, recruitment, training and competition assessment, management of facilities and equipment and the medical and legal component. The platform allows unlimited quantitative and qualitative data assessment, providing club officials with the best information for control and decision making.

Additional information at http://www.football-ism.com/

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