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January 31, 2017

Tell a story involving the brand

VUCAH, the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous and Hyperconnected environment 


The pandemic affects companies and organizations in different ways. For some it is a change that made little difference, but there were others that were little prepared for a transformation that can be seen above all in the change in the ecosystem, especially the digital and online business.

But whatever the preparation and the way to deal with the transformation, organizations last if they have the capacity to anticipate and prepare good responses, to take a safe risk, look at the market, see what is going on and paddle, a little , to the opposite side of the majority. If they maintain, in the market, a brand capable of differentiating and retaining loyalty.

To build this brand it is necessary to invest in a communication strategy. Not a communication that assumes it knows what customers want - 69% of consumers say that what brands communicate is irrelevant because brands remain very focused on selling. It requires a strategy that tells a permanent story, a story that involves the brand and the organization's products or services.

There is no magic formula for knowing what an organization should do or which way to go. The most important thing is to think and build a brand's identity over time.

And Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous and Hyperconnected environment (VUCAH) –VUCAH is an acronym for the English words Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity Ambiguity and Hpyperconectivity - it requires an open field of view to make the business strategies that build that identity.

The VUCAH environment requires, above all, brand communication and not products or services. Create a brand, an identity and that the company's entire offer has a certain connection to the identity of that brand. By the names of the products or services, by the stories that are created around them, building a narrative around the brand.

A strategy that is mainly focused on the brand, on history and identity, on the reality of the company. A strategy with who knows how much it is worth and the better you know how to handle communication.


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