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January 31, 2017


Auctioneer Santo Eloy

Auctioneer Santo Eloy

Leiloeira Santo Eloy starts its activity this month, with the motto of “VALORIZING WHAT'S VALUE”, making the knowledge and investigation of the pieces to be auctioned, the transparency towards the public and the sense of social solidarity factors of differentiation and conquest reliable. In a moment of profound transformation and uncertainty, the auctioneer intends to offer an alternative to the market and value what is valuable.

Leiloeira Santo Eloy opens its doors in December 2020, betting, with criteria of excellence, in the auctions of Gold, Silver, Jewelry, Watches and Precious Stones. Specialized in the Jewelery sector and supported by a team with decades of experience, the auction house is distinguished by the careful process of investigation, classification and evaluation of the pieces to be auctioned and by the attention to make known and highlight its real value. It undertakes to promote training courses in the jewelery sector, lectures, gatherings, etc. It should be added that it offers restoration and recovery services for pieces that include all articles of jewelery including antique and modern watches.

The new auction house has in its genesis partners who belong to the second and third generations of antique dealers, with a presence of six decades in the market. A multidisciplinary team and experienced experts with a high professional level guarantee a high criterion and quality in the evaluation and classification of the pieces to be selected and presented to the public.

The objective of Leiloeira Santo Eloy is to serve the general public, and in particular the collectors and investors of this type of pieces in particular, in a specificity that is the guarantee of the quality of the work, valuing what has value, differentiating a common object from a Work of Art and still with social concern.

“We believe that our mission is to bring added value to the market and provide the public with more clarifying and transparent information, making the example of the straightforward character of Saint Eloy, patron of the Goldsmith, the model for the open and integral way we want be present in this market ”, says José Baptista, Founder of Leiloeira Santo Eloy.

This idea of ​​reference and elevation helps to explain why starting this project in an economic scenario that seems counterproductive to investment and risk: bringing something new to the market, with a performance guided by clarity in the relationship with the public and the demand for sharing knowledge about the parts in charge and their preservation.

The auction house's entry into the market takes place in a context of particular challenges and in an environment of transformation in the sector. The widespread economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought financial difficulties for companies and individuals, and a consequent demand for auctions as a means of selling assets.

It is in response to this demand to sell at any cost and loss of proximity in the relationship between auctioneer and customer that Leiloeira Santo Eloy positions itself. Under the motto of Create Value for what has Value, the auctioneer bases its performance on five “C”: Knowledge, Competence, Commitment, Trust, Complicity. The proposed mission is to go beyond the most obvious value of each piece and assign its fair value, considering its history and timeless relevance as a piece of Art and cultural and artistic heritage.

“The house appears based on the decades of experience and technical capacity of a specialized team and with a perfectly defined purpose: to give value to what has value. We see as extremely important this ability to carry out a thorough investigation of each of the pieces to be auctioned, achieved through a deeper study of their path, their masters, their techniques, among other elements of evaluation ” adds José Baptista, one of the sector's references in Portugal for many years.

The rules of social distance forced an adaptation to the digitalization of the market, with the impossibility of holding events of a face-to-face nature leading to an exponential increase in online auctions. Within the scope of this adaptation and its mission, Leiloeira Santo Eloy proposes to hold thematic auctions, creating partnerships with humanitarian institutions, giving training courses and organizing lectures and gatherings open to the jewelery sector and the public in general (in person) and online).

A solidarity auction, to be held in March 2021, aimed at supporting the mission of the Association of Doctors of the World also marks the start of the auctioneer's activity. 5% of the revenues obtained in the initiative, which will have a catalog of pieces provided by donors from the association and private individuals, will aim to raise resources for the provision and health care to needy populations, in the areas of HIV / AIDS, diseases chronic and debilitating, mental health, psychosocial support and social exclusion.

About Santo Eloy Auction House:

Santo Eloy is the latest auctioneer in the national market, having started its activity in December 2020.

It is distinguished by its commitment to jewelery, with emphasis on Gold, Silver, Jewels, Watches and Precious Stones. Being specialized in the Jewelery sector, it is better prepared and equipped to serve collectors of this type of pieces well, having a greater competence and availability for the information and investigation of the pieces to be auctioned.

Its performance is guided by the five “C” of Knowledge, Competence, Commitment, Trust,

Complicity, possible in a multidisciplinary team and proven in the market. Its experts are experienced and of a high professional level, and exhibit high criteria and quality in the pieces they select and present. The auctioneer seeks the valuation of the pieces in charge, through a deeper study of its history, its masters and its techniques, and the creation of added value for the market, through more clarifying and transparent information.

Additional information at http://www.leiloeirasantoeloy.com/

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