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January 31, 2017


Solidarity auction

Solidarity auction

“Solidarity auction | We give value to what has value ”designed to support the mission of Médicos do Mundo marks the beginning of the activity of Leiloeira Santo Eloy. Initiative in a posture of social responsibility and proximity to the community, in a crisis scenario that left disadvantaged populations even more fragile.

Leiloeira Santo Eloy, specialized in Goldsmiths, with emphasis on Gold, Silver, Jewels, Watches and Precious Stones, which started its activity in December, supports the mission of the Associação Médicos do Mundo with a solidarity auction at take place in the first half of March 2021.

The “Solidarity Auction | We give value to what has value ”aims to raise funds to provide health care to people in need in the areas of HIV / AIDS, chronic and debilitating diseases, mental health, psychosocial support and social exclusion. To this end, 5% of the auction's global revenue goes to Médecins du Monde.

This social initiative intends to have a catalog of pieces of Gold, Silver, Jewels, Watches and Precious Stones that can be received until the end of January 2021 and its dissemination aims to collect more pieces from interested individuals.

“Leiloeira Santo Eloy believes that the post-COVID world will demand greater transparency and more confidence and that is why we have to be present and active in a differentiated way, with an impactful posture and equipped with purpose. Recognizing the importance of creating and managing beneficial relationships between companies and the surrounding community, and because we see ourselves in the values ​​and mission of Médicos do Mundo, it made perfect sense to associate ourselves with this cause in our first activity ”, explains José Baptista, founder of Leiloeira Santo Eloy.

The partnership, “At first sight unlikely”, as defined by Fernando Vasco, President of Médicos do Mundo in Portugal, “Is born from a common reason. Both Santo Eloy and Médecins du Monde want to value what is valuable, be it Life or pieces with a history. This shared objective, which is the recognition by Santo Eloy that the challenges that affect our community concern us all and deserve a collaborative response, thus having its first action in conjunction with this solidarity auction. ”

In a scenario that few, if any, could have considered, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has aggravated shortages already felt in society and further weakened the situation of populations at risk, forcing nations, markets, organizations, families and individuals to suddenly and unexpectedly slow down and rethink their purpose.

Having in its genesis the figure of the patron of the Goldsmith, Santo Eloy, the auctioneer makes this model of service to the most disadvantaged and the community a model of attention to pressing issues in society. Faced with a context of widespread difficulties and harmful effects of the pandemic, the auctioneer's activity starts with an action aimed at supporting concrete solutions with the populations that are in a more debilitated situation.


About Auctioneer Santo Eloy

Santo Eloy is the most recent auctioneer in the national market, having started its activity in December 2020.

It is distinguished by its commitment to jewelery, with emphasis on Gold, Silver, Jewels, Watches and Precious Stones. Being specialized in the Jewelery sector, it is better prepared and equipped to serve collectors of this type of pieces well, having a greater competence and availability for the information and investigation of the pieces to be auctioned.

Its performance is guided by the five “C” of Knowledge, Competence, Commitment, Trust, Complicity, possible in a multidisciplinary team and with proven in the market. Its experts are experienced and of a high professional level, and exhibit high criteria and quality in the pieces they select and present. The auctioneer seeks the valuation of the pieces in charge, through a deeper study of its history, its masters and its techniques, and the creation of added value for the market, through more clarifying and transparent information. Additional information at http://www.leiloeirasantoeloy.com/.

About Doctors of the World

The Médecins du Monde Association is a non-governmental humanitarian aid and development cooperation organization, with no party or religious affiliation, which develops health development and humanitarian aid cooperation projects around the world, providing health care to vulnerable populations. Its work is based on the fundamental right of all human beings to have access to healthcare, regardless of their nationality, religion, ideology, race or economic possibilities.

Today it is a reference organization in the area of ​​development and humanitarian aid, with more than 36 years of existence, present in 80 countries and with 439 projects. The Portuguese delegation, founded in 1999, with operations in Lisbon, Porto, Barcelos, Castanheira de Pera, Évora and Mozambique, has 19 projects in Portugal that improve the lives of more than 7 thousand people per year. Additional information at https://www.medicosdomundo.pt/.

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