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Feb 24, 2021


Convento do Espinheiro Historic Hotel & Spa

Convent of the Hawthorn

Image4All is responsible for the installation of a solar photovoltaic system for the production of electricity at Espinheiro Historic Hotel & Spa. The hotel unit now has a carport with 48 parking spaces and an installed power of 118,6 kWp. The investment is part of the hotel unit's commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability practices.

With an investment of around € 110.000,00 and an expected return period of less than six years, the Convento do Espinheiro Historic Hotel & Spa now has a production unit for self-consumption (UPAC), a project and installation under the responsibility of Image4All. The energy production system is intended to satisfy about 30% of the electricity needs of the hotel. This action is among the main energy efficiency practices that allow the hotel unit to be certified in this area. The project is part of several policies to promote good environmental practices and which answer questions in the areas of environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and social responsibility.

As João Loureiro, CEO of Image4All, explains, this project “It is sustained in the search for the improvement and profitability of business that we print in our performance. With this objective, we combine knowledge, know-how and experience with a clairvoyant analysis and strategic formulation process. These skills and the way we look at our activity give us the conviction that we are able to adequately respond to the opportunities and challenges that the areas of Energy Efficiency pose to companies and society today. I think that this purpose was fully achieved also in this project, which becomes an asset for Espinheiro Historic Hotel & Spa. "

Nuno Camacho, Owner of Convento do Espinheiro Historic Hotel & Spa, justifies the investment made with the need to “Find the best answers in the field of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, ensuring that the impact of our activity is reduced and that we are truly responsible to our community. With this mission in mind, we constantly seek to implement the most effective actions to answer the big questions in these areas and the partners that will allow us to do so in the most efficient way. ”

The project integrates a plant without energy storage supported by a metallic parking structure (carport) comprising 357 panels, built in the current parking area for the vehicles of the internal staff and the helipad of the Hotel. The panels used, with an installed power capacity of 118,6 kWp, allow to guarantee relevant production in the available area and to optimize the price / quantity of energy produced, also providing for the remuneration of the surplus energy produced injected into the network.


About Image4All:

Image4All is an Engineering company dedicated to the diagnosis, development and integrated implementation of Energy solutions. It provides engineering and technical consultancy services in three main areas: Energy Efficiency, Electric Vehicle Charging Points and Safety and Quality of Drinking Water. Throughout its history, it has delivered innovative solutions, both in new investments and in the improvement of existing installations, in a diversity of Customers and Projects.

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