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March 2, 2021

Global dimension with local expertise

Overall dimension

Overall dimension

In view of the internationalization of business and the globalization of markets, the ability to deliver global marketing strategies is increasingly important. Achieve consistency in this positioning law, or global dimension, and the renewed need for “relationship” can bring benefits, with the reinforcement of a single message and standardized solutions.

The biggest obstacle for any organization looking for a global presence is the risk of adopting a stereotyped approach when reaching consumers in other geographies. Although consumers in Portugal behave similarly to consumers in most of the European continent, for example, this does not mean that the same generic marketing strategies can be applied without a redefinition and reorientation.

Depending on the identified needs, it is necessary to take advantage of the experience and localized services of partners in each country or region of destination. This approach creates a cohesive and highly effective solution, with the adaptation and implementation of the international business strategy at the local level, taking into account cultural, commercial or technical differences in each market.

An agency with a “local” dimension is able to identify and address specific challenges, reach certain segments of the public and address areas of activity with particular relevance, ensuring increased operational and commercial effectiveness. Know the market. It understands culture, history and demography, but this dimension of stakeholders goes beyond that. Do you know who the main stakeholders are stakeholders, how they position themselves, what they want and what they think? This is a wealth of knowledge waiting to be explored.

Being “local” also means enhancing connections, networking e public affairs; an agency can leverage the creation of a network and help find people and organizations that drive business goals.


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