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Apr 19, 2021

Stakeholder Communication Management

Communication with stakeholders

Communication with stakeholders

Over the past few months, SayU Consulting, in partnership with School of Social Communication Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon (ESCS-IPL) and with the support of aicep Portugal Global, has developed the study InterComm Report - B2B Communication Trends in Global Businesses (InterComm).

O InterComm presents a portrait of the role of Communication in building and managing relationships with stakeholders of Portuguese organizations focused on selling to other companies - Business-to-Business (B2B) - and relevant international businesses, revealing that Communication, for a long time seen as a minor issue, now appears as a function with increasing importance, assuming a new priority position among the strategic thinking of several companies.

Communication should inspire confidence among the different stakeholders, especially at a time of commitment to organizational culture, reputation and to undertake a more aspirational and “inspirational” Communication, in contrast to only operational communication, tailored to the interlocutor or even without any relation to the strategic objectives of the organizations.

The relevance of the Communication is based on a progressive evolution. It begins with a concern for products and customers, then moves on to people and teams and, predictably and naturally, to an understanding of Communication as an innovation in the way the company presents its brand, establishing a close and lasting relationship. trust with your stakeholders. Its planning must be a work in permanent development, adaptation to different realities and to be carried out in coordination with the company's management.

The current situation has made more evident the need and importance for companies to build and manage relations with the different interlocutors in the value chain. Communication understood as a comprehensive strategic function allows companies to not only sell products or services, but also trust and reputation, making them more competitive and successful in achieving their business goals.

The recognition of a company in the market does not depend only on the quality of its products or services, but also on a combination of different factors, such as its history, its mission, vision, values, the results achieved, the experience, the plans of investment, among others. All of these elements are decisive and must be shared to allow the creation of “trust capital” and notoriety among the various stakeholders.

The importance of communication with the various stakeholders, that play a fundamental and critical role in the success of the business, is indisputable. In times of increased noise like the ones we live in, Communication assumes itself as the “voice” of brands, inspiring confidence in times of uncertainty and serving as an anchor for the relationship between organizations and the market.

Tale with us to project your “voice”.


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