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May 26

Crisis Management Phase 3

Recovery Assessment and Learning

Recovery Assessment and Learning

The last phase of crisis management is in a reflexive way, with recovery, assessment and learning, in a post-crisis action.

Firstly, it will be necessary to analyze the operational and reputational effects of a crisis in an organization, namely its financial and human impact, on the relationships between stakeholders, social networks and media.

Then it will be necessary to readjust processes within the company, based on the conclusions about the origin and end of the crisis in order to plan new projects, with the organizational redesign and review of procedures, with the adaptation of values, mission and organizational culture.

The basis will be in the reinforcement of the press office and in the Public Relations of SOCIAL MEDIA, with the preparation of programs and activities aimed at raising the company, such as internal seminars and workshops to prepare and align different teams or conferences at universities and thematic events.

Transparency, namely through social media, is an asset and learning from a crisis, namely its management is a tool available to organizations to face critical situations and the consequences of poor crisis management are difficult to envision.

Crisis management plans must be transparent and transversal to the organization, and reevaluated, restructured and readapted over time. THE SayU applies strategies, equipped with anticipation, preparation and management of the response to be put into practice, capable of helping the organization to deal with challenges of a negative nature and of an unforeseen nature.

Understanding the nature of a crisis event, reflecting on the best way to deal with it, and applying it, is part of the multifaceted role of communication marketing.


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