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Aug 24, 2021

SayU Consulting seeks Trainee

We are recruiting!

we are recruiting

A SayU arises in 2009 with a well-defined purpose: to enhance the Reputation of brands and organizations through the Talent of our team of consultants and the implementation of an innovative methodology, which translates into efficient and effective Communication Marketing tools.

Ten years later, it is proud of the path followed, the results achieved and the relationships built with all stakeholders.

We want to be the energy that puts meaning and projects the voice of organizations and brands. Relevance + Authenticity + Impact. To meet this objective, we are recruiting a Trainee with high potential.

Offer Type: Curricular Internship in the scope of Degree or Masters.

Tasks to perform:

  • Support to Strategic Consulting actions - development of proposals and plans for Marketing Communication, benchmarking market, concept development and planning;
  • Support for Press Office actions – preparation of editorial approaches, contact with the media, evaluation and auditing of Press Office results;
  • Implementation of Social Media strategies – development of content and creativity, dynamization of content, evaluation of results on Social Media platforms.


  • Attending a Bachelor's or Master's Degree in the areas of Communication, Marketing or Advertising;
  • High command of Portuguese in terms of oral and written expression and good command of English;
  • Availability for full-time hours.

Start date: September 2021

Address: Rua Castilho, nº39 – 10ºE, 1250-068 Lisbon

Interested parties must submit their application, accompanied by an updated CV, to the email address: let_us@say-u.pt


Rua Sampaio e Pina n.º 58, 2nd D
1070 - 250 Lisbon

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