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Aug 31, 2021

Know the local reality

Networking and Public Relations


Working in a coherent and integrated way in Communication will allow us to respond to the challenge of reaching not only new customers, but all stakeholders. And this dimension will be more achievable, efficient and effective with “local” knowledge.

A Public Relations Portugal (PRP) takes on a local dimension, allowing it to identify and respond to the specific needs of the market – in this case in Portugal, but with participation in the Evoke Network with global reach -, reaching certain segments of the public and responding to areas of activity of particular importance, ensuring a growing effectiveness, both commercial and operational. This question is decisive when choosing a Marketing and Communication partner.

A local Communication Marketing agency knows the market. It understands its culture, history and demography, but this dimension of knowledge is not exhausted here. Know the main stakeholders, how they position themselves, what they want and what they think is a wealth of knowledge that is at hand to sow.

This starting point allows thinking and developing strategies that incorporate the links between local factors and brand histories. And it is the identification with the brand's narrative that often convinces those who have to make the decisions. A good, well-told story ensures that there is an emotional connection to the business and allows for increased trust.

Being “local” also means increasing and improving connections, networking and public relations; an agency can leverage the creation of a network and help find the people and organizations that guide and achieve business goals.

A SayU Consulting is the reference for Communication Marketing solutions in Portugal and PRP for Public Relations topics. A foreign company that wants to develop a business in Portugal needs to work on the brand in a way that explains what it is and why it is trustworthy.

An organization's value proposition is both creative and disruptive. It implies the permanent reassessment of relationships with all stakeholders in a constantly changing landscape. Communication, as well as the perception of this dimension and its application, must accompany this transformation.


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