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Aug 31, 2021

Recognition and relevance in the Portuguese market

Public Relations Portugal

Public Relations Portugal

The current situation has highlighted the need and importance for companies to build and manage relationships with their stakeholders. Communication thus emerges as an increasingly important function, now assuming a priority position in the strategic thinking of several companies.

Considered as the “voice” of brands, Communication is, at a time when the relationship between organizations and their stakeholders it assumes even more importance, an anchor to undertake the transition to a post-pandemic world in the way of reaching the market and establishing commercial partnerships.

When betting on new markets, brand recognition is a determining factor for accelerating business success. In foreign markets, where space is often still sought after, it is essential to work on reputation and reputation with communication actions that contribute to commercial and operational development.

And it is in the bet on the market in Portugal that the Public Relations Portugal (PRP). Designed for foreign companies that want to see their brand recognized in the Portuguese market, PRP, a brand of SayU Consulting, is the reference company for Public Relations in Portugal.

In today's complex environment it can be a little daunting to get results without expert intervention. PRP's offer is based on more than a decade of experience in responding to the challenges of putting Communication Marketing at the service of Reputation. With disruptive strategies and innovative methodologies to enhance the recognition and relevance of brands and organizations in the Portuguese market.

The challenge is to build and manage a relationship of trust in a medium/long-term perspective. Therefore, it will make sense to understand communication as the management of relationships with partners and key players in the development of a successful business activity in Portugal.

Communication allows companies to give meaning and add value to their activity. It supports trust, credibility, cooperation, clarity and knowledge. It will build relationships, which will be consolidated with the brand and reputation.

For a company, it is more important than ever to think in the long term, enhancing the connection with the market. Here, the value of trust and reputation wins a prominent place as a crucial element in a broad communication strategy that makes the brand recognized and legitimizes it among those for whom it is addressed, such as the market in Portugal, with clear effects in all dimensions of the business.


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