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Set 21, 2021

SayU: Giving a voice to brands at the epicenter of Communication Transformation

In a scenario of obstacles to the relationship between brands and their audience, SayU Consulting creates communication strategies based on the search for notoriety, differentiation and recognition. The answers provided are part of a vision of Communication as a fundamental lever to overcome obstacles and fulfill goals at this atypical moment.

SayU Consulting, Strategic Communication Marketing Consultant with the core business in B2B and Institutional communication, it has developed Communication strategies for diversified sectors, based on the recognition that trust with the market and the relationship with the stakeholders has to be structured in More Effective Communication Strategies. These must now, more than ever, be relational, personalized, genuine, sustained as close as possible and implemented through new methodologies and solutions. In a scenario that has completely reconfigured the way we communicate, the most flexible companies will communicate the most successful.

As explained by Marta Gonçalves, Managing Partner at SayU Consulting, “It's the ability to be original and know how to communicate properly that allows you to create recognition and position the organization in the market, creating an impactful message. Every idea, project and company is a story, and this story is continually created and told. Knowing how to tell it in an interesting way is the role of the Communication professional and the added value that this can bring to a project. At a time when the obstacles are distinct and apparently insurmountable, we make Communication the basis for gaining notoriety, differentiation and growth, positioning the brands to overcome the new post-pandemic challenges".

SayU Consulting was responsible for creating the launch strategy for Auctioneer Santo Eloy, an auctioneer specializing in Goldsmithery, and for the dissemination of its first activity, a Solidarity Auction aimed at supporting the mission of the Associação Médicos do Mundo. The strategy was based on a logic of differentiation from others players in the market and in a message that highlighted the team's decades of experience, the careful evaluation and investigation process of the pieces to be auctioned and a particular attention to making known and showing their real value to the public.

SayU defined the repositioning and implemented the makeover of brand Image4All, Engineering and technical consulting company in the Energy area. The intervention enabled a refresh the organization's image and the creation of a new brand signature, visible also on a website created from scratch and on renewed social media platforms. Added to the new identity is a communication strategy aimed at bringing Image4All closer to the market and reinforcing its visibility.

The consultant is the Communication partner of Believe Portugal, developing the promotion of the entrepreneurship competition organized by the association and parallel support and incentive actions aimed at entrepreneurs. It is also responsible for the dissemination of the Aceler @ Tech in Portugal, an initiative to value projects and moments of debate on the tourism sector, developed for the first time this year by Acredita Portugal.

Created the communication strategy for launching the The Markies, a solution for identifying garments using metal markers, giving them a touch of individuality. The brand's original character and its first collection were disclosed through a strategy of press relations and social media designed for a dynamic of sharing and reaching a segmented character.

SayU Consulting also promoted the brand's jewelry collection CARLA_M_Jewellery. The dissemination of the brand, in an axis of contact with the media, takes place at a time when face-to-face contact has decreased and interactions have become more virtual, but when the ideas of sophistication, image and personality - conveyed in this promotion strategy - continue to make sense in the new contact formats used.

SayU Consulting is at the epicenter of the Communication transformation, having become a reference in helping organizations and brands to relate to the public more effectively. Over more than a decade, the consultant has made Integrated Marketing Communication the key to gaining a reputation, creating innovative methodologies and implementing disruptive strategies, with a 360º integrated vision, to help organizations and brands to be noticed and become themselves relevant.

This purpose of becoming the only interlocutor that gives meaning and projects the voice of organizations and brands gains expression through a surgical intervention, personalized and fully integrated.


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