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Set 30, 2021

#SayComm | #01 Say B2B

Welcome to the first edition of SayU Consulting's Say Comm space.

The global business landscape has changed. Regardless of the type and size of an organization, the vision of the future and the strategy to fulfill it must necessarily be different.

The B2B customer today expects the same level of digitization and personalization found in the B2C shopping experience. The role of the Marketing Manager is shifting from a mere promotional action aimed at leads to creating meaningful interactions for different stakeholders. It is an effort to support sales cycles, speed up the business process and work more efficiently with the sales team. This is no longer a broad push, it is a highly targeted, integrated, strategic intervention.

This is true B2B marketing strategy, a continuous and coordinated process throughout the entire customer journey. To support this new commitment, Sales and Marketing must proactively share their respective insights and coordinate tactics.

The state and future of Communication in B2B companies was the target of the InterComm Report – B2B Communication Trends in Global Businesses, a study developed by SayU in partnership with the School of Social Communication of the Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon and with the support of aicep Portugal Global. The results of the initiative are available online on the SayU Consulting website.

Until next week, say “Communication” and follow Say Comm here.


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