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Oct 14, 2021

#SayComm | #03 Say Digital

The migration to digital was intensified with the interruption of contact brought about by the pandemic. In a context where digital is here to stay, how will this trend relate to the need for face-to-face contact and what exactly does it mean for a strategy to be “hybrid”?

This digital acceleration or technological boost would already be on the horizon of many organizations, but it has now emerged with increased urgency and speed of implementation and promises to leave behind those who give up an effort in this direction. To the presentation and commercialization solutions of the online offer, there is also a growing digitization of the Communication processes.

When we approach “digital” strategies, what we really mean is that they are developed through more technological and dynamic channels. Nothing is lost, or should be lost, in the identity of Communication. What changes is that we build relationships with customers, partners, media, influencers and other stakeholders through new formats and platforms.

As with any decision in this era of transformation, the most important thing for any organization is to solidify its purpose and vision. Only after determining where we want to be is it possible to choose the right tool to get there. Increasingly, this will have a technological, virtual and digitized nature.

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