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Oct 21, 2021

#SayComm | #04 SayGlobal

It is commonplace to say that we live in a globalized world. The value chain – including producers, partners, employees, retailers or customers – has expanded and leapt frontiers.

Companies don't just sell to customers located in their own communities and globalization today connects organizations and stakeholders all around the world. Companies internationalize their operation and open branches to reduce production costs, establish relationships in new territories and gain access to new markets and consumers.

The importance of communication in this globalized context is paramount, in which individuals from different countries, languages ​​and cultures seek to express themselves effectively when working together.

Above all, it is important to help business partners to identify shared characteristics and define common goals, so that interactions take place in an environment of respect and understanding, making use of a proactive communication management that enables a company to develop stronger international connections and facilitate a rapid response to market opportunities and challenges.

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