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November 4, 2021

A Digital Content Strategy

O content marketing it is the process of creating valuable and relevant content to attract, win and engage audiences. Potential customers are now inundated with more marketing messages than ever before. This creates an environment of scarcity of attention, challenging marketers with the task of producing relevant content that doesn't get lost in this noisy environment.

A well-crafted content marketing strategy puts the brand in the position of an innovative leader, leveraging preference as it informs and educates current customers and potential buyers. Providing useful and dynamic content can form a strong bond between the brand and the audience that continues to grow and generate results over time.

Digital content marketing is not just synonymous with more traditional blog posts – and Airbnb is proof of that.

The best example of brand content is the neighborhood guides, which provide value to customers who wish to stay in a particular location.

Using these guides, users can find landmarks, experiences, restaurants and other favorite places in a specific neighborhood. Airbnb also makes great use of user-generated content such as ratings, recommendations and insider tips that present an authentic image of a particular area.

The aim of Airbnb is, of course, for customers to book a vacation and stay in one of its properties. Thus, through these neighborhood guides, users are also taken to highly rated Airbnbs, where they can stay within that location. It is the perfect example of promotional content that is equally extremely useful.

In addition to the content they produce on their own, Airbnb provides users with the information and resources they need to create quality content for property ads, which make up a large percentage of the website.

When a host lists their space on Airbnb, the brand is there at every step, with helpful tips on writing a description of your home, prices for similar listings nearby, ideas on the type of hospitality guests are looking for, and more. relevant.


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