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December 2, 2021

B2B can also be unicorns

B2B Unicorns

B2B Unicorns

The context Business to Business (B2B) has shown continuous expansion and innovation over recent years, as the offer of new types of products and services designed for this specific dimension of business grows. An ambition that also translates into the possibility of B2B companies being unicorns.

In Europe alone, there are now more than 300 marketplaces B2B, an exponential increase when compared to the approximately two dozen platforms of this type existing in 2010. Of these, there are already more than ten that raised more than 50 million euros and some have already surpassed the barrier of 100 million euros. In total, the marketplaces European B2B's have raised more than three billion euros. And the value continues to grow.

In the Old Continent there is an intense dynamism of startups B2B. An ecosystem endowed with flexibility and adaptability, a technological advantage at the level of Explore and a more effective investment survey are its support and, at the same time, the trend that brings with it future growth expectations.

Still, Europe is at a clear disadvantage in this championship (which includes not only B2B but also Business To Consumer (B2C), but it is at the same time one of the areas of the globe where the number of unicorns is increasing the most. It has already surpassed China – which is second in the world – in the number of unicorns and has grown in its capacity to attract venture capital.

The US continues to be the nation with the most unicorns, almost half of which exist globally and by sector, Fintech has been the most dynamic. Data from 2021 reveals that there are more than 800 startups in unicorn condition and the expectation is that it will quickly surpass the thousand. Several of them will be from the B2B segment.


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