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December 2, 2021

ambition to be unicorn


Start-up can be defined as an innovative company at an early stage, with great growth potential. Start-up conveys the idea of ​​rapid evolution and high growth at an early stage of the business, that is, a vision that becomes the creation of an innovative, repeatable and scalable business model, with creative and “out of the box” solutions.

A start-up's products or services will solve a given problem or respond quickly and almost immediately to a need, and the company grows quickly without increasing expenses proportionately. And if this growth reaches 1.000 million dollars in investment funding, we will be facing a unicorn company.

But more than this type of product or offering a service, a start-up that aims being a unicorn has to point to a purpose, explain what it does and what problems it proposes to solve or what needs it responds to. And this ambition has a better chance of success with a communication that manages to convey the most captivating ideas in an inspiring way, making an impact and attracting investment.

Every idea, project and organization is a story, and this story is continually created and told. Knowing how to tell it in an interesting way is the role of communication and the added value it can bring to a project at the beginning of its life with the ambition to grow quickly. But this growth requires the ability to implement original ideas, truly different from, with unique characteristics that stand out. Whatever the path of the project, communication is, at all stages and moments, decisive.

The big question for start-ups, especially those that have the ambition to be a unicorn, is to design an effective and impactful communication strategy. Given the constant evolution and market demands, it will always be a challenge to find the perfect combination between creativity, size, stadium and available resources.

Knowing how to face this challenge and how to make the strategy successful is critical to establishing a true relationship with the audience. O know-how and the Explore Communication Marketing help you create your strategy, develop actions with the right tools to build strong and sustainable brands over time, with increased levels of credibility and trust. For a start-up to become a unicorn.


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