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December 16, 2021

Enhance the connection with stakeholders

Connection with stakeholders

Connection with stakeholders

It is expected that by 2022, and for years to come, marketers will be challenged to face an era of unintended consequences. When faced with the challenges of the last few months, there were several expectations and predictions not previously considered. Who could have predicted that we would have shortages of raw materials and a rethinking of work formats in a context of global crisis? This ability to anticipate and adapt remains crucial as we move out of a pandemic environment into a complex landscape of new behaviors among consumers and organizations that will have a dramatic impact on how we interact and operate.

In many families, it is teens familiar with the web who have taken on the role of doing, or supporting, household purchases. Most online purchases are now impulse buys and “live” campaigns, which combine influencer action, live video and e-Commerce, have exploded and are expanding into different markets.

These are just three changes, among countless other changes, that promise to foresee new trends that we cannot yet fully understand. It can take a decade to see the pandemic's true impact on marketing. For that reason, now is the time to reconnect with clients, question any assumptions we had about the strategies we devised and be humble in the face of these changes.

The relationship with the customer is the factor that drives the business. If this relationship suffers, the business will suffer. But if brands know how to take care of their customers, chances are they will remain satisfied and loyal. Digital marketing today plays an important role in maintaining and improving the relationship with the public.

The need for organizations to be permanently online and accessible is directly related to the increase in customer demand for this type of service option. And digital marketing emerges as one of the tools that allow brands to improve this relationship format. There are several reasons why online marketing helps improve the interaction between an organization and its audience.

Bringing the organization closer to your audience

We build loyalty and go back to looking for what we value. Customer retention is just one of the benefits of digital marketing. Online marketing allows establishing clear communication channels with customers, allowing brands to get to know them better. When customers know and feel that brands seek to understand them, their satisfaction and loyalty increases.

Optimize the brand experience

The customer journey consists of all moments of contact or interaction with a brand, on digital and physical platforms. A digital marketing strategy enhances the customer journey and ensures all touch points are effective. It also makes the entire process of information research, decision and acquisition easier.

ensure trust

Digital marketing allows brands to speak directly to their target market with personalized messages, which creates the conditions to generate reputation and trust, connecting with stakeholders. And when customers trust brands, the purchase decision is made easier.


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