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December 16, 2021

We are all “digital”. And now?

digital destination

digital destination

The past year has dramatically accelerated the “digital destiny” of communications marketers. Now, a number of trends promise to expand organizational responsibility and set new demands on everyone involved in the communication process.

A new business environment, the evolution of the public's needs and the technological transformation, together with the change in values ​​and expectations, lead us to define new goals and seek new strategies. Where to aim in 2022? And how to respond to a context where so much seems to have changed?

As already unveiled by SayU Consulting in study which evaluated the response to communication of B2B exporting companies in the national market, the focus will have to be on the capacity to transform relationships with the stakeholders. An opportunity that requires agility, at all levels, and a great deal of flexibility, adaptation and persistence, which will only be possible with well-structured and oriented communication.

The way we relate to each other has changed with digitization. It is important to reassess relationships with all stakeholders and the channels where there are more results. But what goals should we pay attention to to ensure we keep pace with this transformation?

A more inclusive marketing

Consumers – particularly the younger generations – expect more meaningful messages from brands that go beyond the presentation of their offer. Today, the brand's reputation is also based on its response to issues of diversity and inclusion and environmental responsibility. Is the brand responsible to its community and its concerns?

Boost the hybrid experience

Lives have transitioned, in many ways, from the physical to the online. Now that brands seem more comfortable with the delivered in digital, the next challenge is to deliver the best in hybrid experiences, that is, integrated physical and digital.

A more technological view

Helping the public to make purchasing decisions, taking into account their needs, is the top priority. But this purpose is not as simple as it seems. A wave of digital channels and hybrid journeys (online-offline), along with heightened customer expectations, have complicated brands' desire to create and implement a dynamic experience that delivers what they need, when, where and how they want.

Technological tools such as AI or big data, help predict behaviors and allow brands to design and execute a strategy aimed at their audience, which, in times of need, can be the most effective way to ensure that the right offer reaches the customer at any point in their journey.

“Going digital” requires a willingness to re-examine the whole way we do business and understand where the new frontiers of value lie. At the same time, it appears to be in tune with the evolution of the customer's decision journey. This means understanding how the behavior and expectations of the stakeholders they are changing, inside and outside the organization, anticipating trends and putting in place a strategy to gain a competitive advantage from them.

Be digital it will require a lot from professionals and organizations, but the future passes through here.


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