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Feb 18, 2022

More ambition in attracting talent

New Global Talent Hub

Create Value 2022-2026

Conference “Portugal: New Global Talent Hub?” discusses how to better take advantage of conditions and catapult greater ambition to attract talent. Event organized by the “Portugal Agora” platform is free and open to participation upon registration, in a format
face-to-face and online hybrid.

The “Portugal Agora” platform organizes on Wednesday, February 23, at the Lisbon Workhub, at 17:00, the conference “Portugal: Novo Hub
of Global Talent?”. The project's first event of the year aims to discuss how the country can strategically aim to go further in attracting talent.

Based on the fact that in recent years Portugal has created an attractive ecosystem for talent – ​​from freelancers to investments by large companies – “Portugal Agora” advocates the definition of an attractive strategy for the various professional segments with the establishment of objectives and actions for its realization.

"In this post-pandemic phase, in which the work flexibility paradigm will prevail, we must have the ambition to go further”, says the chairman of the board of “Portugal Agora”. “We must provide conditions and resources so that, with scale and in a sustainable way, we are the choice of professionals who can add skills and value to the Portuguese economy”, summarizes Carlos Sezões.

To do so, the conference will count on the interventions of Sofia Tenreiro, investor, manager and member of YOP, Hugo de Sousa, Managing Partner of Inovation by Kaizen, Patrícia Cristóvão, Director of HR at SAP and Alf Franzoni, Director of Global Business Services and LX Techhub from Siemens, which will address, among other topics, the use of post-pandemic mobility, the key attributes for attracting
talent or labor legislation in attracting professionals. Admission, free, is made by registering at Portugal: new global talent hub? Tickets, Wed, 23/02/2022 at 17:00 | Eventbrite.

The backdrop is the use of Portugal's competitive advantages, in the context of the globalized world, in order to facilitate the transition from strategy to action - generating concrete proposals for public policies or civil society initiatives, based on a logic of facilitating consensus and resource management and conditions for its implementation.

About Portugal Now:
The “Portugal Agora” project aims to create a vision, unfolded in strategic models for the country, for the coming decades. This will be achieved through a plural space of discussion, during a defined period, in order to determine where convergences are possible, which materialize in priorities, in which Portugal can develop. The project assumes strategic dimensions -
Attractiveness, Knowledge, Entrepreneurship – for Portugal and wants to link them to execution and action.
Additional Information: http://www.portugalagora.com/

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