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March 2, 2022

B2B: an increasingly transversal specialization

interconnected ecosystems

interconnected ecosystems

The pandemic has brought new challenges to business and now it is necessary to look forward and, based on this two-year experience, to the future. Marketing, Communications and Public Relations (PR), particularly in its Business-To-Business (B2B) specialization, is on the rise, a trend that cuts across all sectors.

B2B is a combination of interconnected ecosystems, financial services, energy, telecommunications or aviation, to name a few, all of them massively disrupted by technology and with the pandemic as a backdrop. As a model is the alignment of support for brands within this ecosystem, both with insights as well as topics to help communication during the move.

The objective is to combine B2B with information, media and technology resources. This junction – B2B with the so-called “technological B2B” – has been the lever of the post-pandemic economic recovery and confidence seems to be recovering, with some expectation for the future. However, companies, whatever their size, that are not diversified, with liquidity and financial strength and a strong culture of collaboration and work commitment will face more difficulties.

B2B starts with a deep understanding of the market. A true understanding of the complexity of industries means that you can deliver to the stakeholders relevant, thoughtful and innovative creativity. The alignment of this performance allows for a completely integrated approach, which makes customers think beyond the immediate, guaranteeing the success of the post-sales resurgence.pandemic.

The demand for Marketing, Communication and Public Relations services has grown due to the inability of companies to meet with customers, and prospects, physically, which led to a demand for digital and content channels to replace personal channels. There has been a greater demand for services of influence marketing and evaluation of social media, as well as greater investment in tough leadership and digital content to generate leads e warning of brands.

And this is where communication plays a decisive role. Innovating with creative campaigns and using digital platforms for publication. When the use of these tools is convincing, the deception with stakeholders. Many companies have realized that communication is the key to success and could have a real impact on the way we live.


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