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March 21, 2022

Franchising: We don't sell a brand that we don't communicate

Investment did not “die” with the pandemic. Despite the uncertainty, or even because of it, the will to create new business opportunities remains present and has a positive impact on the market. The pandemic did not end the entrepreneurial spirit.

Take the example of franchising. In 2020, 159 openings were recorded and the expectation is that the area will contribute 7% of GDP in 2021 – data on the last year should be known soon.

To what extent does Communication take place in this sector, helping franchisees to enhance the visibility of their brands or supporting the relevance of this activity and its stakeholders in the market?

We all understand that resources can be limited when it comes to emerging brands or rolling out new franchisees. But just as it becomes necessary to invest in online presence and sales channel through the creation of a website or e-Commerce platform, Communication proves to be crucial when publicizing the offer and telling a story.

Telling the brand's story and thus presenting it to more people through articles, blog posts, press releases, podcasts or other types of actions, ensures a constant flow of information and the opportunity to contact potential customers and attract customers. best candidates, already familiar with the business and its positioning.

The issue facing franchising is shared with most brands in the market: gaining visibility and reputation, which translates into business. Being visible, with an original message and impactful actions, is the only way to grow, even if the brand is already recognized among the public. Competition is “on the prowl” and the public can always be captivated by options they consider more advantageous or interesting. Communication is, or should be, an ongoing concern, and thought of as a strategy.

The partnership established between SayU Consulting and APF – Portuguese Franchising Association it is a first step towards realizing a specific solution for this reality and strategically approaching Communication. To this challenge, SayU Consulting brings its experience in creating answers to the achievement of reputation for franchisees and franchisees. This history and know-how are the basis of the communication methodology “GO360º>PR4Franchising”, developed by the consultant and intended to allow a structured communication response to the stakeholders industry and support your business goals.

Have you already defined the role of Communication as a lever to gain visibility and reputation and more business? Ask us how.


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