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Apr 8, 2022

SayU Consulting communicates APF

SayU Consulting is the new communication partner of the Portuguese Franchising Association (APF) and its mission is to reinforce its communication strategy, at a time of “new challenges for companies and entrepreneurs and opportunities for the franchising sector”.



The consultancy is therefore responsible for enhancing the APF message in support of the franchising ecosystem in Portugal, promoting its visibility to stakeholders and reinforcing its role in the innovation and promotion of the sector.

«Faced with a scenario that has changed and in which even some of the channels of contact with the public have changed, it is important that we have an effective communication strategy. We have a message to convey, in order to make the value of franchising tangible. To achieve this, the contribution of our partners is fundamental and it is in this purpose that the link now defined with SayU Consulting is inserted», highlights, in a statement, Cristina Matos, Secretary General and CEO of APF.

In turn, Marta Gonçalves, Managing Partner of SayU Consulting, refers to the importance of communication in any organization, especially in a scenario of challenges in the business environment. «SayU's proximity to the challenges of brands to reach their audience and conquer their space allows us to look at APF's purpose differently when trying to understand how its role and reach can grow and evolve. This is the challenge to which we propose to respond.”

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