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May 2

Public Communication: political marketing, but not partisan

Public communication is different from government communication and political marketing.

Governmental communication is used by a given government and aims to render accounts and encourage the governed to recognize and engage in the policies adopted and the actions promoted in the political, economic and social fields. It is a way for a government to make itself present to the population.

Political communication, or political marketing, is a form of publicizing a politician or a party, focusing on the electoral process. Both government and political communication seek to influence public opinion, often using the propaganda, looking for quick answers and immediate effects that can be gained by research and transformed into campaign strategies. The intensive and extensive use of medium in the competition for electoral and/or party-political results is one of its characteristics.

The concept of Public Communication is directly related to the correct understanding of the term "public“. It implies a practice committed to democracy and the construction of citizenship and supposes a positioning political (different from partisan). The scope is wide and frames the “public” as what is convenient and in the interest of everyone, legitimizing the communication policy between State and society.

Public communication is essential to democracia. A way of guaranteeing the freedom and autonomy of society, based on diversity and difference. It is communication that takes place in public space and has the public interest as its objective.

Thus, Public Communication is composed of information actions, opinion consultations and practices of discussion and debate, in any scope, and triggered through public resources after transparent, inclusive and scrutinable decision-making processes, criticism and movements by civil society and regular functioning of State oversight bodies.

Public Communication exists to promote the common good and the public interest, without incurring, even indirectly, in the personal, partisan (of the government party), religious or economic promotion of any person, group, family, company, church or other association. toilet.


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