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May 17

DXspark develops CA Seguros Online portal

The agap2IT Digital Experience Solutions area developed the digital portal for Crédito Agrícola Seguros customers. CA Seguros Online Platform simplifies the entirety of online processes associated with insurance management, quickly and safely.

Lisbon, May 17, 2022 – DXspark developed the new portal CA Seguros Online. Active since the beginning of the year, it allows all the brand's customers to manage their insurance in a more digital way. “The new CA Seguros platform allows you to manage your insurance online, wherever and whenever you need it, in a simple, fast and secure way”, explains Carlos Pereira, Director of the Reinsurance and Innovation Office at CA Seguros.

Through the digital platform, it is possible to access policy information and documentation, simulate and subscribe to new insurance, request assistance, report claims, change personal data, access digital cards or subscribe online, paperless and without signature.

Although the service will also continue to be available at the Crédito Agrícola branches, this complementary channel represents gains in productivity, efficiency and, above all, greater customer satisfaction, providing useful, simple and permanently accessible services.

Ricardo Amado, Executive Director of DXspark, highlights the role of the business unit: “DXspark was responsible for the development of the entire portal, which took place during the second half of 2021, and which included the entire definition of features and internal processes. The solution implemented aims to make the insurer reach more customers, whether individuals who are not familiar with the mobile App or, in the future, companies. In addition, this portal allows the development of complex features from the UX point of view that are not advisable in a mobile environment”.

The portal CA Seguros Online enables customers to consult information, such as policies and documents, charges paid and payable; provide health cards in digital format, dispensing with the use of physical cards; make requests for assistance, whether automobile, health, housing or other; to report claims (Personal Accidents, Hunters, Dogs and Cats, Cyclist, Clinicard, Civil Liability – Family, Housing and Car); simulating and underwriting new insurance; consult the network of partners of CA Seguros, which includes the network of Agricultural Credit Agencies; and access a personal area for account management.


About DXSpark

DXspark is agap2IT's area specialized in Digital Experience. Inspired by the motto “Igniting Ideas”, it uses technology to develop its partners' opportunities. It combines technical experience in innovation with the curiosity of early adopting in emerging technologies.

Additional information at https://www.dxspark.com/pt/.


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